Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Best first date

Just saw this video online and it made me feel all warm inside.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Lupita Nyong'o and the Oscars

I know I am  late to the Lupita Nyong'o's  party and all the love she is receiving  which is somewhat extending to black people. Everyone is talking about her beauty, her fashion style, her hair, her Oscar win, her Oscar speech, how inspirational she is to  young girls everywhere, how her story is even making grown people dust the cobwebs from their dreams, and dream again. It is a good story. The kind of story we like to hear or read about. It feels like finally justice is being served. People are seeing that even if you hide light, it must still shine. It is all good.

I think I should just add this disclaimer right here that I haven't seen the movie 12 years a slave, so I can't attest to the wonderful job the cast did to tell that story. What struck me as odd was that considering the good job Lupita did in that movie * she had many nominations and wins for the movie, right?* there was more talk about her skin color and representing her race than her actual talent. Yes, I know this is her first big performance and maybe they don't really have a list of works to look at to affirm her talent, so to keep the conversation going in the media, why not talk about her black beauty? We all lap it up. We are just so happy that one of us is recognized.It is all good though.

Who even decides who wins what in these Awards shows? Sometimes I think it is a conspiracy and maybe to be politically correct. Maybe they have a theme, or they have the years allotted, or it is just a case of the hype. Whatever it is, it just left the same taste in my mouth as when Agbani Darego won Miss World in 2001.It reeked of tokenism. Ms Ellen's monologue at the beginning of the Oscars about the possibilities of the winners for the night, if 12 years didn't win best picture then they were  all racists kinda gave a vibe. It is great to get out of being a wallflower and be recognized especially when you have put in the work. Media will pick who they want to be popular, hype the person and when they are done, they drop the person.

All that said, whatever their scheme is, it is good to see an intelligent and beautiful black woman receiving recognition and even wining .

You go girl!
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Monday, March 3, 2014 change in weather

Happy new month!!!

I bet most moms are good at zoning out when their children hit that never ending banter.
Oh! It is just me?
Every other mom is super attentive to their children's needs?
Oh well! I am guilty of just zoning out once in a while when they get into their continuous chatter mode. So today as we were getting ready for bath time, they were talking about favorite words or is it the words they like to say the most * remember I zoned out*. Out of nowhere Brume asked
 "Mom, what's your favorite word?"
 "I don't know. I don't think I have any".
"Ofcourse you do."
Your favorite words are 'hold on' and 'give me a minute'.
"Why would you say that?"
"Because you say those words all the time"
"No I don't"
Then his sister said " Mom, I need help with my sweater"
Then I said "Hold on"
 "You see, you just said it again", Brume said
Out of the mouth of babes
There are so many little things that we do that reflects on how we live our lives. Personally, I have a problem with procrastination, putting things off till I can't put them off any more, I have to deal with them. Though in some ways this scenario is different but it got me thinking of all those times I had said 'hold on' or 'give me a minute', when I could have easily done the task. Why push this moment's issues to the next one if you can deal with it now? I made a silent resolution to do better. This is me doing better. I have been pushing doing a blog post till when I had more time. But I always have time to play a round of candy crush, pet saga, subway surfers, zuma clash. Why not use that 20-30 minutes to put something down?

On a side note, is there anyone here who cannot wait for a change in the weather? Seriously I am tired of the winter. This is March now. I shouldn't be thinking of frozen fingers, runny noses, sub zero temperatures, polar vortex, cleaning driveways.....I know this season is for hibernation. God's way of telling us to stop, relax, take things easy, get things in perspective before the next season but I am having cabin fever. When will spring come on board?Meanwhile enjoy this beautiful Spring picture.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time for the heart.

I used to attend zumba classes once a week, sometimes twice if I could manage it. There is this elderly couple that come for the class too, the man should be in his 60s and the woman, maybe late 50s. The man is the only man in the class so quite noticeable. They just seem like these nice, probably retired, couple doing an activity together and having fun. Apart from the occasional hi when our paths cross, I really didn't know them like that. So yesterday was my first time going this year, I got to the class early, *very unusual* and the man was standing around the place where I normally stand, he was alone. After the usual greeting, I asked after his wife and he said she died. I was shocked because the last time I saw her, she was full of life though a bit frail. I offered my condolence and thank God the instructor was there  because I didn't know what else to say.
I wondered what she died of. If it was slow or fast? I wondered how he could even come to a class where he shared experiences with her recently and not burst into tears. I felt for him but I also admired his courage and strength.

 February is awareness month for the heart, emotionally and physically. As Valentine day approaches, everyone is talking about love, chocolates and flowers. As we share love with our loved ones and everyone around us, let us also not forget to show love to our physical hearts. Heart disease remains the number one cause of death for both men and women. It is called the silent killer because it shows no symptoms. We shouldn't go thinking, 'that can never happen to me, heart disease is not in my family'. It is best to be prepared. Know what you can control and work from there. Know your risks, maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, cut out smoking, drink moderately or not at all. Take care of your heart.


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Monday, February 10, 2014

I can't believe it!!!

A big shout-out to all who left comments on my last post. Thank you so very much. I was thinking about the comment made by T.Notes about the dates on my blog being a badge and I thought to myself I havent been here for long now, what dates is this dude talking about. I decided to do some housekeeping on the blog and I discovered that I have been inconsistently doing posts here since
April 2011. 

2014 will make it 3 whole years that I have been occupying this space and all I can show for it 67 published posts and 211 posts in drafts.
 That is not a good report card at all. I can't believe that I have known blogging for that long. Where did all the years go? * Time flies when you are having fun*

Anyway I am back and it is February, the month known for love, heart awareness and cancer just to mention a few *junior debate days*.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy New Year?

Happy New Year!!!!

I know I am about 29 days late but better late than never and it is still January so I guess I am  in order. I hope 2014 turns out to be a great year for you.


 It is good to be back and to see that so many bloggers are committing to blogging more this year and keeping to it. For those who kept on blogging all through the drought last year, good job. I am sure it wasn't that easy for you too but with determination, you kept at it. I totally enjoyed @ilola's guess the blogger series, even though I was not able to guess any blogger, it was like a window to getting to know a little about all the people who write here. For those who hooked up and brought the gist to blog ville * Toin and Honeydame* well done. Sisi Yemmie too with all her reviews and mouth watering dishes.

 I didn't do much blogging last year and coming back, I was thinking of starting another blog and closing this one; thoughts of what the focus of this blog would be.One thing was sure though, I still wanted to blog. So while I sort all the back and forths in my head, here I am.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 11 My favorite quote and Halloween issues

It is the last day of October already! Hope everyone is doing okay. We are also doing fine over here. At the beginning of the month, I signed myself up for the challenge to blog everyday for 30 days and my report card is out. I failed woefully. All through the month I was just able to blog 10 times. If  it was WAEC, this is obviously an F9. I am not giving up though. The month is over but the challenge is still on.

  Today 11th day of the challenge I am talking about my favorite quote. I love quotes.  I used to keep a book where I wrote quotes when I was in secondary school and early years of university. It served as a means of inspiration for me. With the advance of technology, I keep my quotes on my phone now. I will just share a couple today.







Today is the last day of October and also Halloween Day. I never had a problem with Halloween before. I don't celebrate it because I don't understand what it is that is being celebrated. Is it the harvest season, ghosts, dead people..... and how did candy come into the equation? I never really bothered. Now my children are of school age and the Halloween talk has been going on in my household.

"Mummy, why don't we have pumpkins?"
"Mummy why do they have those scary skeletons and stuff on their lawn"
"Mummy, what are you going to be for Halloween? I want to be a princess. I want to be a fire-fighter"
"Mummy, are we going trick or treating?"

I still don't know the history of  Halloween or how it came about or why people have to dress up and beg for treats from strangers. I don't get it.

Raising children in a culture different from the one I was born and raised in can be a challenge sometimes. Even though something tells me even if the origin is evil, with its commercialization, the lines are really blurred now. So we had some talks about it, first off that mummy doesn't know what Halloween is all about but I will find out  it is my responsibility to take care of them and keep them safe so we wont be going door to door for treats. Rather, we would go to the store and they would pick 2 treats each and go back home to make cupcakes. They agreed. So when the school said they must come  dressed in costumes today because they were having a parade,we were back on the issue again. I remembered all those fashion parades we had at primary school and I thought we should go for an African theme. I didn't have money to spend on badly made costumes that will be useless after today. We finally rustled something from what we had at home. Anyways getting to the school and seeing all the children dressed up was something else. There were some really cute ones but there were also some very weird ones for kids like the zombies, vampires, witches complete with broom.

We had rain today bet it wasn't much fun for those who planned to go out trick and treating.

What do you think of Halloween? Would you send your kids out trick and treating?

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