Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

I love Bollywood movies. I always try to watch one or half of one * since one movie is at least 2 hours long* over the weekend. I don't know what it is about them, but they relax me and make me happy. My family, they don't get it. At first my kids thought I understood the language, or that I speak the language because whenever they sat down to watch one with me, they never understood what the people were saying. So, I told them, I read the words on the screen to understand what is being said and I saw the confusion on their faces especially my son * who hates to read*. 'Why would anyone do that?' he asked, followed by 'It's double work'. We now went into a discussion of why watching it is not relaxing because I have to read (DS), volume doesnt matter since I am reading the movie anyways (DD) and the words scrolling on the screen is so distracting (DH). They don't get it though. Reading relaxes me,  reading with visual makes it double fun; the volume is also important because I need to hear the nuances in the speech. They just don't get it.

So I finished up one  movie I started watching last weekend on sunday, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, amidst but you have seen this movie more than once. It is a fun movie, positive energy, friendships and just going out to do something new despite your fears. But the part of the movie that I will like to talk about is one of the main characters, Arjun, a stock market shark, who has a plan to work his butt off and retire early. That is a good plan. The bad thing about the plan is that he was so focused on his goal, he wasn't living life. He lost relationships, strained friendships and only lived for making that money so he will achieve that dream. He was putting other aspects of his life on hold till he got what he is aiming for. Eventually, he had a turn around,

Most of us are guilty of this, me included.  I always tell myself:
I will not do this right now, till I get that;
I won't travel till my kids are grown; 
I won't get in the pool till I have lost weight; 
I won't start working on my dreams till everything is set;
It shouldn't be so.
While waiting to achieve the big goal, work on the small ones.
Live life.
Instead of
I won't travel till my kids are grown, I will take short trips instead.
That extra weight shouldn't stop me from having fun in the pool with my kids.
Remember the big goals but don't also forget to live.


I love holidays official or unofficial;  Today is National Sons and daughters day. For those of us with kids, spend sometime with them today. Let them know you are happy they are in your life.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello August


Happy August folks.

I love beginnings. 
Another opportunity to start over, work on old goals, make new ones; another opportunity to hope, hope for the best and work towards the best. Another opportunity to get it right.

Lately I have watched some periscope broadcasts that have been nudging my conscience and practically telling me to just go for my dreams and stop overthinking it. GoodNaijaGirl had one of such broadcasts and because she left her comfort zone by doing a scope, I was encouraged that I can also work on myself. Instead of procrastinating, I can totally do this. Unoma Nwakwor, an author who writes faith based movies and books shared a beautiful message yesterday. She talked about knowing your purpose and working towards achieving it. Her message was so uplifting I wish there was a way I could save it, but periscope vanishes after 24 hours. Today I watched an inspiring YouTube video on Sisi Yemi TV where she shared tips on how to get what you want. 

For today, I am motivated to work on those things I have always dreamed about. Cheers to an awesome new month.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

July post

I can't believe July is almost over and and summer is in full swing. Yay!!! We have even kinda found our rhythm; Taking things easy, soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather all around. The first few days after school closed, I  was on panic mode when I realized I had no summer day camp to fall back on and that I had to plan all our activities myself. Summer camp was so good and that was what we were used to. Bus picks them up in the morning and they are gone for most of the day and I get to do my own stuff. They get their crafts, drama, shows, swimming, archery, soccer groove on over there, come back home to crash, only to do it all over again the next day... and on it goes. That was good for me.

So, I put  my mommy pants on and searched online. I got so many suggestions but I picked this one because it  looked like something we could manage; not too overwhelming

super summer schedule - this is good in theory.  in reality, i can see a lot of eye rolls this summer!source

We have been using these books to keep our brains still working.


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We signed up for the summer reading program at our local library and I have stepped up my reading game. While the kids are doing their 20 minutes of reading, I also try to get some chapters in.

Journaling is back too... for everyone. Though they still complain but we try to do it even if it is a sentence with a picture, Just do it. * Someone has been drawing Optimus prime and bumble bee almost everyday*

We are saying  bye bye to Velcro snaps and learning how to tie shoe laces.

We are working on reviewing  our chores list.

So far summer has been good. I am thankful and grateful to God for all we have experienced so far.
I can't believe July is almost over *I had plans to blog more, oh well*

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Summer! Summer!! Summer!!!


We had the last day of school yesterday and today is officially the start of  vacation. Normally we would be preparing for summer camp but not this year. This mommy is taking on the job of providing entertainment and activities for the whole summer. Yay!?Already I have a little fear about how we were going to cope till September.  I hope I won't need a vacation when they resume back to school.

So what is my plan? I will come back for that.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sneaking in

Sneaking in here like I was never gone.....


Really I was never gone though. Just that the way my days are set up, I only get see what is going on here at the end of the day from the tiny screen of my phone.

I know Nitty never gets tired of talking about Nigerian cultures, the ones that should be discouraged and encouraged;
I know  @ilola has the devils agenda in a spoken word piece, which even though she can't perform now, she is still letting us in on the secret * or not so secret*
I know that thisfavoredwoman whose only goal is to seek God in everything shared a beautiful message from Genesis.
I know fluffycutething has a birthday coming in a few weeks and is feeling all kinds of ways.
I know Sisi and Bobo took Chief to church on Sunday and they all looked gorgeous in the pictures.
I know NaijaScorpion
graduated and she really loves her new apartment.
I know T.Notes was almost late for work one day while trying to dish on office politics.
I know Blogoratti transcends sometimes during meditation.
I know Berry had a beautiful date night at Rhapsody's.

So, I was never really gone.

Hope everyone is doing okay? Making the best of situations, learning something new everyday, reading or at least trying to read.... We are doing good over here and so glad that the weather has changed and summer is almost here, finally! Sometimes I miss just having dry season and rainy season.

It is good to back here. * I will leave it like that so I don't jinx it*

PS: I hope GoodNaijaGirl is doing okay. So unlike her not to post every 6th day.
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Appreciating Now


I was walking back from the bus stop with one of my neighbors whose youngest child is 13 years old, and she was telling how she couldn't believe that her baby boy is now a teenager. After swapping where-did-time-go stories, she said one of her regrets was, not living in the moment. She was always thinking of the next thing to do while not enjoying the one she was doing. She was thinking of all the activities and sports he will do when he grows up and right before her eyes he is knocking on 9th grade. I guess in a way she was reminding me not to take this time for granted too, because they grow up fast.

Most of us are guilty of this attitude. Not being in the present. Not absorbing and enjoying NOW. Society wants to know what we will be up to  in 5 years time. We spend so much time dreaming about what our dream life would be and when we get even a little bit close to that dream, we are already tweaking it and moving on to the next one. We are always on the move. Living for the big and exciting things, forgetting the little things

Today , I am going to be more conscious of my moments; And really enjoy them; And yes, even when bad things happen, accept that they were just bad moments and there are still many moments in the future to enjoy.

April is the month of poetry
We've enjoyed reading and writing
Today is  a poem in your pocket day
Enjoy this piece of Shel Silverstein
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's National Hug Day!!!

National Hug Day 1source

I love hugs.
Hugs make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. They make me feel protected, safe and good generally. Research says  there are so many benefits we can get from hugging. From boosting oxytocin levels to increasing serotonin which is the happiness hormone. Hugs relieve stress and can also help to ease the loneliness of depression.

Today is national Hug. This is a coupon for you. Pass it on.

Hug Couponsource

Everyone needs a hug.

Virginia Satir quotes - We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.source

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