Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brume where are you?

When someone says there is nothing like looking for a missing child I never knew what it really meant. Of course I assumed that the parents will be mad with worry and so many scenarios will be playing on their minds of where the child might be; if someone had kidnapped the child etc.

I experienced it. And I don't wish it for anyone to look for a child, a spouse, sister, brother....

I decided to do an impromptu shopping on Friday. So I packed the kids and we took the bus to the mall. My 20 month old son was sleeping when we got there so everything was good. While I was checking summer clothes for them he woke up and wanted to get out of his stroller. Maybe I should have insisted he stayed in but since he normally just stays around me when he is off his stroller, I felt it was okay. We left the girl's section to go to the boys section, when his sister said "Mummy Brume is missing". I was like "what do you mean Brume is missing, he is right here". Then i looked around and didn't see him. We started calling out, looking around and we didnt see him. At that point i was already getting frantic, my calls were louder; we were running from one end of the outlet to the other. One cashier asked what the problem was, told her i was looking for my kid described what he was wearing. She now alerted the shop manager. Immediately they got the floor on lock-down. Staff were placed on every exit point while others went around looking for him. I was close to tears at this point. I was just praying and making all sorts of promises to God to keep my boy safe. I was out of my mind.

After 15minutes that felt like 24 hours , they found him in the toy sections riding a toy car. I was so happy to see him my heart became so light i wanted to scream for joy. Later I thought, why didnt I think of the toy section? I guess i was just to panicked to think straight. There is a game my husband likes us to play where we will give likely steps we will take if we faced any situation or challenge.I just used to indulge him; I didnt really like playing that game cos I was always like it is not my portion, God will not allow that happen to me, so why think about it when it will never happen? Though we never got around to playing what should be done if your child is missing, now I am the one thinking up situations and thinking about what I would do if I am faced. Even if it will not happen, there is nothing like being ready.

So I wondered at Casey Anthony whose child was missing and she didn't report it for 31 days was thinking? Anyways that is another gist.

The first step to take when you notice anyone is missing is to immediately report to the local law enforcement or in my case to the manager so everyone can be on the lookout.