Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hi all,

Is it just me, or there are other people who also make mini resolutions during the Olympic season. Just watching the athletes and how fit they look and how good and sometimes phenomenal at what they do, has also made me make some resolutions. At the back of my mind, I know that after Sunday when the Olympics games come to a close, I will probably also just lose motivation, but I am not worried.

'Citius,Altius,Fortuis' (Faster, Higher, Stronger) is the motto of the Olympics games. They say it is more important to  take part than to win, * It is very good to win too * and all those who participate are winners in their own right which is true. You can just imagine the effort and dedication it will to take to even take part in such a competition. That is already a lot. Then to go and compete and win a medal, a gold medal? Shut the front door.
So hearing that people who sat in their homes to watch other fellows make history are throwing potshots at a 16 year old girl and complaining about her hair is not just mean but also very disappointing. And the most annoying part is that most of the jibes were coming from African American women who should be happy that one of their own is making history. Instead they are concentrating on something so trivial and menial as hair when the bigger picture is that this girl at the young age of 16 is not just phenomenal at what she does, but she is also winning. Why do people have to bring others down to feel good about themselves?It is not like she is competing for Americas Top Model or the Miss USA pageant that her hair being on point would be an issue. There are people with all their Brazilian weaves and human hair suffering from obesity, HBP, diabetes and its brothers and sisters, it is time to get your own priorities straight. Enjoy something good and stop trying to bring down the spirits of people who are taking charge of their own lives, making a difference and gaining recognition for it. Gabby Douglas has made history and there is nothing all you haters out there can do about it.