Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year and other things

Hello everyone,

First off I will like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012. I hope you guys had fun and spent time with family, friends and loved ones. Christmas was okay for me too. I missed attending midnight mass as we normally do to usher in the Christmas. The parish we attend here had their Christmas eve vigil mass at 4pm. There is one thing I didnt miss though; the firecrackers or as we called it, "Banger" or "knock-out". I dreaded the season because of those things. They will not allow you walk on road without throwing it at you; if you choose to stay indoors, they will not allow you rest with all the noise. People having "Banger battles" and disturbing the peace of the neighborhood. They say they are just enjoying themselves and relaxing. I wonder how you can relax with all that loud ra-ta-tat noise? Maybe I am just a Grinch.

A very huge thank you to all those who took out time to read and comment on my last post. I appreciate all the words of advice and encouragement. I totally agree with all the comments regarding what I want to do with my blog. This is my space and I am allowed to administer as I wish. For my new followers, thank you for joining my cruise.

2011 is fast drawing to a close and I am sure most people are reviewing the year and making resolutions for the coming year. I am not really a New Year resolution person. I can't remember the last time I made a list of things I would like to achieve at the beginning of the year. However, I am a huge believer in fresh starts, taking time to refocus and prioritize. I make weekly, monthly goals * I just love to tick off when I achieve something*. That said, 2012 might be different as I see myself setting goals for the new year because it is the new year.

So far, I have 3 things on my  list. The first on the list is Quality Time. Spending quality time with my family without the distraction of T.V, smart-phones, books etc. Lately I realized I got another appendage attached to my hand named my smart-phone. I am always fiddling with it. It got so bad one day, my daughter after asking for something more than once and i just said okay and not giving  her what she wanted as i didn't even hear her, she took the phone and i felt like a teenager being scolded by her mom. She also banned my phone from her tea parties. *She said I am supposed to use my hands to hold the tea cup and eat the imaginary cake *So for the coming year, I will take at least 30minutes to just be with my family. Just talking and enjoying the company.Quality time will also extend to myself. I will ensure I take my alone times too.

Exercise is also on my list. I didn't do too good in this area the past couple of months and with the chop-and- quench attitude of the holidays, exercising  is on my mind. As I stuff myself with every delicious morsel, I am thinking of my bumbum..... So for a start I will put in 20minutes then build up from there. The last thing on my list is Sleep. Most days I wake up not refreshed and then have to rush into the day. I have been living on 5hr energy drink. I am sure those things have their side effects but no one is saying now. So in the new year, I plan to have at least 6-7hrs of sleep every night. That means shifting the kids bedtime an hour earlier.

Anyone with New Year resolutions and plans on how to meet them?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Who is faster

Hi friends,

Happy new month to everyone. This is the last month in 2011 and I am a believer that something can still be achieved this year. it is not over till it is over and God's willing we will all usher in 2012.

Since I  started writing here, I have been thinking of the path I want this blog to follow. I know it is my space and can write whatever  i like here but still feel like should have a niche. What do you guys think? I find myself wanting to write about parenting, relationships, general topics etc.  I guess would figure that out lter.

Is it really true that girls are faster than boys in the early years developments or it is just something that we have read and after a long time believe? I have a boy and a girl. My daughter stopped breastfeeding on her own at 5months, I came back from work one day and she just refused to nurse. She favored her bottle. At that time, I was sad cos I felt like she didn't need me anymore. Fastword to a year later, my son cannot get enough of that stuff. I stopped breastfeeding him at 15months  and that was cos my hubs intervened. Potty training, the li'l Miss was potty trained at 2.  Brume is still in pull-ups. He refuses to use the potty at 26months. Just this morning when I laid out his clothes minus  his Pull-up. He said "mam no chu-chu * the underwear had a train on it* If I leave that boy he will still be in diapers at 5. Maybe I overindulge him, I am now on 'Operation Pottytrain Brume  before 2012'. So I ask are girls faster than boys?