Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Picture couples

Why do people always assume that a couple is together  whenever they take a picture together?


The other day, I was going through Linda Ikeji's blog and there was a post when she was featured on the  cover of vanguard allure with Noble Igwe of 360nobs.com . The pictures were nice and beautiful and most of the people who left comments after talking about how beautiful she looked they also mentioned how good they looked together, how much of a couple they were, how Linda had snagged a catch, when they were printing wedding cards etc. I know this is just people talking and they don't even know these people personally so whatever they say should not be taken seriously.

Then it crossed my mind,what if these people are not even a couple like that? What if they both had people they were already committed to and this was all about work? How would their partners feel reading all those comments?  I remember going to a wedding once and I met one of my old school mates. We took a picture together and the guy posted the picture on Facebook. Most of the people who posted comments were asking if "she is the one?" and how good we looked together.  I am also guilty of this as I have also coupled people up based on pictures.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Kids talk

Or Not?

There was a little girl at church yesterday that was just running around, playing and greeting people during mass. This minute the church ushers take her to her parents, the next minute she has found another way to get around running and playing again. I find it rather distracting when children are left lose like that.

The little girl eventually found her way to where we were sitting  and wanted my children to join in the fun play. I was a bit shocked when my soon to be 4 year old daughter said, "this is church and Jesus would like you to be quiet so mummy and daddy can listen". The little girl then sat down with us for a while and joined them in making stick drawings on paper with colored pencils. But she is a restless one and after 10 minutes she was up and about.

I was kinda happy and proud of my child at her response. That means all the talking, screaming, role playing that we do at home is sticking somewhere. Whatever selective hearing she is doing, she is actually hearing the good stuff too. So I guess I am doing something right. My happiness and pride was quickly replaced with embarrassment when in a loud voice she told one of her friends after church that " Mummy says I will pee red when I grow up"