Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!!

I know this is like the 5th day of the year, but I will still say it. Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays as much as I did.

My sister asked me yesterday what my goals  for the new year will be, I told her I had not set any goals yet. She was shocked cos I am the to-do list kind of person. I just love to tick things off, so she just assumed that I would have my goals set before the ball dropped. As I write, I still haven't really thought of what I would like to achieve this year, but I will like it to be a year of passion and purpose. Having a positive attitude is also important and instead of obsessing and sometimes being disappointed about where I am right now in my life, I should be optimistic about where I am going .

May 2013 be good for us all.