Thursday, August 25, 2011


Sometimes I just wonder what the problem is with people. I can't remember where I read where one blogger was lamenting about the throes of growing up and the expectations of  family, peers, society to do things a particular way or fit a particular mold or follow a particular pattern. As kids we could not wait to grow up, get into the REAL world; Real world being either college or a job. After the job, everybody thinks the next thing is  marriage and once you are married the next thing is having babies. As a newly married woman, once you say you are having a headache or a slight fever, people are asking " Abi e don enter?" So a girl can't have fever or headache again? Then if after a couple of months, you isn't pregnant, you will see and hear all sorts of things.

A friend of mine got married in November last year after a long search and wait for a partner. During the period of wait, people walked up to her in church, at work trying to hook her up with their brothers, friends, uncles etc There was even one church member that tried to hook her up with a married man whose family is in the US but he is ready to settle down in Nigeria, so they wanted her to be the Nigerian wife cos they felt at her age she shouldn't be choosy. What is that?

Anyways she got married and 8 months later people are asking her how far? Why isn't she pregnant. One 'concerned' person wrote a prescription for her, mind you, she is not a doctor o. According to "concerned" friend, she isn't acting like she is bothered and that it was obvious that she is not doing anything about it. I am thinking, can anyone be more bothered about this kind of situation, more  than the person actually experiencing it? If you want to grieve more than the bereaved, pray for the person. If  you are close  enough and she asks for your opinion or help that is when you can give your 2 kobo. Or am I wrong?