Sunday, September 4, 2011

...But the ultrasound...

Hi everyone. 2011 seems to be speeding by. We hit the -ember months few days back. Before we know it, we will be singing carols and welcoming 2012.

What's up with ultrasounds that will come up saying one thing and the other happens? A friend gave birth a couple of days ago and her ultrasound said she was going to have a girl. She went on a pink shopping frenzy. Bought girl clothes, cute captioned onesies,princess themed nursey,all the works and lo and behold she got a BOY.

Same thing happened before I had my last child. When I went for the ultrasound, I asked the technician
What I was having * I am one of those people who don't like surprises if I can help it* The guy asked if this was my first, I told him no that I had a girl the last time. He said it is hospital policy not to tell cos they've had cases where women who had all girls and who wanted a boy tried funny things like attempting suicide when they were told, a baby girl is in the oven.I told him I just needed to know so I would know what to get.He said you are having one like you. I heard that to mean I was having a girl. When I told my husband, he didn't believe cos of some old wives tales. I didn't argue. I was waiting for delivery then I will tell him I told you so *childish hmm?* Since I was having a girl, I didn't buy anything, I had more than enough from the last time.

After close to 8hrs of labour, I had the baby and the first thing my husband said was " I told u it was going to be a boy" I had my mouth open cos I thought the scan was always right and that I would be having a girl. So who is at fault now? Is it the technician that did not read the ultrasound right or it was a case of faulty machine? Would u like to know the sex of your baby before delivery or you would like to be plesantly surprised?

PS: I apologise for any typo I did this from my phone.