Thursday, September 18, 2014

....and summer ends.


It has been forever and day. Seriously I didn't mean to stay away for this long. Maybe just for the summer but I planned to come back immediately school resumed. That was exactly 2 weeks ago. I hope everyone is doing well, learning a little something from the challenges of life. I am doing very good. We had a very busy summer. I thought with the kids in summer camp most of the time, that would equate to more time for me. I wish ! Before I could say jack, they were back home and poof went the time. We had a swell time all around  but according to my children's account, it wasn't a full vacation because we didn't leave upstate. Not even a trip to NYC?! *in my 6-yr-old's voice*. She thinks every vacation is not complete without a trip to the beach.

One thing we did a lot of this summer was read. We read lots and lots of books. Our local library had a summer reading program with the promise of a goody bag at the end. That motivated the children to read and that made me happy because I love to read.

These are some of the books we enjoyed.


My son loved this book so much, I bet we read all the Froggy books this summer and listened to the audio at least 10 times.


My daughter lost a couple of teeth this summer and this was a good read. 


I Didn't Ask to Be Born (But I'm Glad I Was) Bill Cosbybill

This was an easy-street read. I totally enjoyed it.

Looks like summer is over but not officially till 22 or  23rd September. We are already in the cool down season * my favorite*. We plan to read more in the coming months. I would appreciate any recommendations.

Enjoy the rest of the week .