Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 11 My favorite quote and Halloween issues

It is the last day of October already! Hope everyone is doing okay. We are also doing fine over here. At the beginning of the month, I signed myself up for the challenge to blog everyday for 30 days and my report card is out. I failed woefully. All through the month I was just able to blog 10 times. If  it was WAEC, this is obviously an F9. I am not giving up though. The month is over but the challenge is still on.

  Today 11th day of the challenge I am talking about my favorite quote. I love quotes.  I used to keep a book where I wrote quotes when I was in secondary school and early years of university. It served as a means of inspiration for me. With the advance of technology, I keep my quotes on my phone now. I will just share a couple today.







Today is the last day of October and also Halloween Day. I never had a problem with Halloween before. I don't celebrate it because I don't understand what it is that is being celebrated. Is it the harvest season, ghosts, dead people..... and how did candy come into the equation? I never really bothered. Now my children are of school age and the Halloween talk has been going on in my household.

"Mummy, why don't we have pumpkins?"
"Mummy why do they have those scary skeletons and stuff on their lawn"
"Mummy, what are you going to be for Halloween? I want to be a princess. I want to be a fire-fighter"
"Mummy, are we going trick or treating?"

I still don't know the history of  Halloween or how it came about or why people have to dress up and beg for treats from strangers. I don't get it.

Raising children in a culture different from the one I was born and raised in can be a challenge sometimes. Even though something tells me even if the origin is evil, with its commercialization, the lines are really blurred now. So we had some talks about it, first off that mummy doesn't know what Halloween is all about but I will find out  it is my responsibility to take care of them and keep them safe so we wont be going door to door for treats. Rather, we would go to the store and they would pick 2 treats each and go back home to make cupcakes. They agreed. So when the school said they must come  dressed in costumes today because they were having a parade,we were back on the issue again. I remembered all those fashion parades we had at primary school and I thought we should go for an African theme. I didn't have money to spend on badly made costumes that will be useless after today. We finally rustled something from what we had at home. Anyways getting to the school and seeing all the children dressed up was something else. There were some really cute ones but there were also some very weird ones for kids like the zombies, vampires, witches complete with broom.

We had rain today bet it wasn't much fun for those who planned to go out trick and treating.

What do you think of Halloween? Would you send your kids out trick and treating?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 10: One food and one beverage

If I had to live off one food and drink, it would definitely be spicy fish and tea.



What a 'different' combination.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 9- Pet Peeves

1. I am one of those people who still write words in full. * I know* Maybe that's why I am not good at tweeting. Before I finish typing, I have exhausted my 140 letters. If you do short forms or abbreviations, please make it something everyone knows about and not necessarily something you just coined yourself. It annoys me when I am trying to read a message and I am taking forever to decode it. It makes me think the person probably has spelling issues. 1

2. It annoys me when people speak loudly on the phone. Except you are in the privacy of your house, then that is left for you and the people you live with.No one wants to listen to your conversations when they are trying to go about their own business. Please tone it down.


Still on phone etiquette, it is annoying when you are with someone and the person keeps fiddling with their phone. I know we live in the times where instant information is like opium. I think it is rude and you are just passing on the message that you'd rather be in your phone than be having that conversation.

3. It annoys me when parents play the one upmanship game about their kids with people.

Mom a: Do you know my son started crawling at 3 months?
Mom b: That's nothing, my daughter started walking at 4 months
Mom c: You guys are still talking about movement? My daughter started reading books all by herself at 8months.

Can we just stop all that? Parenting is hard enough, there is no need for all of that. Our common goals is to raise children who will be kind, competent, confident and compassionate with a sense of passion and purpose. There is no need pitching them against one another. All that will come with adulthood.


Monday, October 21, 2013

30 Day Challenge- Day 8- Three things you want to say to different people

I am really doing badly at this 30 day challenge. At the beginning I thought it was a piece of cake and I would be hitting the days as they come, but that isn't the case. I am not giving up though. I will keep at it till the end. Hope y'all had a good one this weekend. I did. I was happy to see Monday though.

Today, I am supposed to say three things to different people.

To my mom: I love you so much. I know I have never uttered those words to you but I love you so much.You taught me to be a strong woman with the way you lived your life. No matter the challenge you faced, you always looked for a way to solve it. You never let anything hold you down. You are my face of God on earth and I thank you for doing your best raising us. You did good.

To Oke and Brume : Everyday I am seeing the world through your eyes. I am experiencing your growing pains with you and everyday my heart bursts with love for you. Yes, mommy gets upset sometimes and might not be patient with you but don't ever doubt it, I love you more than good food.

To the community of bloggers, readers and writers; those who read my blog, those who leave comments. Thanks for taking the time. I appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 7: Favorite books

I love books in whatever form, paper or electronic. I actually read 2 to 3 books at a time. I have been told to finish one, then move on to the next but that doesnt seem to work for me because I read depending on my mood. I am currently reading " A bit of Difference by Seffi Atta,

Mummy's list by St. John Greene


And listening to Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou

I love love Love at first flight by Bisi Abejo  and all her other books.

I love the 5 love languages and the children edition too


 Say you are one of them by Uwem Akpan.

Product Details5

 I totally enjoy Myne Whitman's books. A Heart to Mend and A love Rekindled.

Product Details 6

The Small print by Abimbola Dare took me a long time to finish but I enjoyed it.

 Product Details7

  I love love love  For Laffs Sake by Atilola Morohunfolu.

I totally enjoy reading Jillian Michaels books but this is my favorite.

I read this book for work and it became one of my go-to books

I still thumb through this one. 


Monday, October 14, 2013

I am back! My favorite band/ Musician

Hi people,

I was just wondering where all those lazy days went. Those days when I had so much time, I could even stalk people online. Those days that made me take on more responsibility than I usually would. Those days seem to be gone now. My plate is so full, I am thinking of joining a committee of people appealing for more hours in the day. Anyways I am not giving up on this challenge. I will plow through even though I am way way off schedule.


Today, I am supposed to write about my best band or musician. I don't think I have one. Loving or enjoying a particular music doesn't really translate to loving the musician behind it. I have a long list of feel good songs and I appreciate the musicians for the work they do. Not in any order, but just the way they pop in my head or what I am enjoying right now.

Bruno Mars: I love all his songs.2

Esperanza Spalding.She got me hooked plus I loooove her hair.3 
Tu-face. I love some of his music. Rainbow just came on now.

Banky W drops some good ish.

  Luke Bryan. I love country music and Luke has some songs on my feel good playlist.
 I just love Trey Songz; Dats-all.  

Ohhhhhh. I have done wrong. I should scratch all I have typed and put them up there because I just realized  I actually have a favorite band and would love to see them in concert. If they ever come to my neighborhood, we will scout for their tickets.


The Fresh Beat Band. Please don't shoot me because it is a kiddies show band but I totally love this band. Their songs are always popping, you cant help but dance to them and they always have a cool message.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 5... Places I will like to visit

I love to travel, see new places, experience different cultures and see how other people live. So I have more than 5 places I would like to visit

 I always wanted to visit the Erin- Ijesa waterfall in Osun state and other waterfalls in Nigeria. I don't know why though as I can't swim.

 Italy is also on my list especially the Vatican City.


One of the cities of Love, Paris.


With my love for Bollywood, I would like to see the Taj-Mahal.


Another water destination. I better go learn how to swim.