Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 7: Favorite books

I love books in whatever form, paper or electronic. I actually read 2 to 3 books at a time. I have been told to finish one, then move on to the next but that doesnt seem to work for me because I read depending on my mood. I am currently reading " A bit of Difference by Seffi Atta,

Mummy's list by St. John Greene


And listening to Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou

I love love Love at first flight by Bisi Abejo  and all her other books.

I love the 5 love languages and the children edition too


 Say you are one of them by Uwem Akpan.

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 I totally enjoy Myne Whitman's books. A Heart to Mend and A love Rekindled.

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The Small print by Abimbola Dare took me a long time to finish but I enjoyed it.

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  I love love love  For Laffs Sake by Atilola Morohunfolu.

I totally enjoy reading Jillian Michaels books but this is my favorite.

I read this book for work and it became one of my go-to books

I still thumb through this one. 



  1. they all look interesting.

  2. Interesting books. Didn't know Julian michaels has a book. Will check it out. www.secretlilies.com

  3. Did someone say books? I am a voracious book reader and like you would take it in any form ( but I love the feel of a heavy book in my hand). I would honestly kneel down for a chance to read ”Love at first sight”; it looks so retro!

  4. I still haven't finished Say You're One of Them. But the 2 or 3 stories in there i did read were excellent.

  5. Yayyy, my book made your list. I am excited. I have also read some of the books on your list.

  6. I love books. But only in paper :-) My dad gave me Maya Angelou's book shortly after I was released and I haven't read it yet. "The 5 Love Languages" is definitely recommended reading. I've had the Covey book for several years and have never even picked it up. Jillian Michaels is a bit much for me. She could never be my trainer. "Say You're One" of them is currently on my priority list. I'll get to it in 2014. Great post!