Monday, October 14, 2013

I am back! My favorite band/ Musician

Hi people,

I was just wondering where all those lazy days went. Those days when I had so much time, I could even stalk people online. Those days that made me take on more responsibility than I usually would. Those days seem to be gone now. My plate is so full, I am thinking of joining a committee of people appealing for more hours in the day. Anyways I am not giving up on this challenge. I will plow through even though I am way way off schedule.


Today, I am supposed to write about my best band or musician. I don't think I have one. Loving or enjoying a particular music doesn't really translate to loving the musician behind it. I have a long list of feel good songs and I appreciate the musicians for the work they do. Not in any order, but just the way they pop in my head or what I am enjoying right now.

Bruno Mars: I love all his songs.2

Esperanza Spalding.She got me hooked plus I loooove her hair.3 
Tu-face. I love some of his music. Rainbow just came on now.

Banky W drops some good ish.

  Luke Bryan. I love country music and Luke has some songs on my feel good playlist.
 I just love Trey Songz; Dats-all.  

Ohhhhhh. I have done wrong. I should scratch all I have typed and put them up there because I just realized  I actually have a favorite band and would love to see them in concert. If they ever come to my neighborhood, we will scout for their tickets.


The Fresh Beat Band. Please don't shoot me because it is a kiddies show band but I totally love this band. Their songs are always popping, you cant help but dance to them and they always have a cool message.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


  1. Nice selection, I hadn't heard of Esperanza and Luke Bryan, will check them out. And yes o, more hours in the day will be cool :)

  2. I love Tuface and Banky W too and Luke Bryan is verryy cute! Maybe I'd go check out his music :-) xx

  3. blessings....
    You got me with the first two, the rest is neither here nor there for me.


  4. I can sing EVERY fresh beat band song…no shame mehn!!!

  5. No, no. no! More hours won't make the difference , better time-management will! Sometimes, it is not because we want to be lazy but nature just refuse to be cheated.