Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 5... Places I will like to visit

I love to travel, see new places, experience different cultures and see how other people live. So I have more than 5 places I would like to visit

 I always wanted to visit the Erin- Ijesa waterfall in Osun state and other waterfalls in Nigeria. I don't know why though as I can't swim.

 Italy is also on my list especially the Vatican City.


One of the cities of Love, Paris.


With my love for Bollywood, I would like to see the Taj-Mahal.


Another water destination. I better go learn how to swim.



  1. I have some of those places on my list. Paris and rome for sure. Hoping this year I can take a quick trip to cuba or dominican

  2. I am hoping to visit all these places too, God willing :)

  3. As they say, see Paris and die....only figuratively speaking.