Friday, April 22, 2011

I have a routine everytime I come up to my blog; I first of all read blogs posted by the people I follow. Sometimes I comment and when I don't comment it is probably because what I have to say on the subject might pass as a post too. So instead of writing an epistle on someone's blog, I decide to come on here and put up the epistle. But......I end up not doing it. Reasons being that I spend so much time reading up and eventually not posting anything.

When I decided to blog, I didnt really know what I was going to do with it. Was I going to talk about my life as a mum or as a wife or even as a woman ? Was I going to just do poetry or try my fingers and brain on short stories? I still havent made up my mind. Maybe it will be a little of  all of them.

Just wanted to put this up and congratulate myself on my second post. Thanks to all who came around on my first post, I really appreaciate it. I thought nobody would ever read it but I guess I thought wrong.

Life is a precious gift not everyone can have
So when we have life we should be as thankful as we can
Thankful for the gift of sight, as some were born blind and others developed blindness
Thankful for speech and the gift of saying "I love you" to the ones we love cos there are still others who cannot talk and the words in their hearts will never be heard 
Thankful for the gift of hearing as there are some who are thus impaired
Thankful for good health as there are some who are sick and dying and might never be able to realize their dreams;
So be thankful for the gift of life for many still wish for it and will never have it back 


  1. Reading your words was like someone splashed cool water over my face. It was just refreshing cos I could sense your sincerity. I appreciate that more than anything. Whatever you choose to do here as long as you are sincere to yourself, you will feel good about least this is how I look at it.......You are so right about being thankful. our smoking gun.....always walk around with it fully loaded....with your thanks/praise bullets....

  2. I know what you mean about spending time reading so much and then not feeling like posting a blog, yourself. The most important thing is to enjoy it, whatever you do. Congrats on your 2nd post and here is to many more. Happy Easter.

  3. Welcome to blogsville and thanks for coming over..just be yourself and write whatever you feel like brief or lengthy, as long as the message you want to convey gets to people.

    p.s...does not matter if you leave an epistle as comment in other people's blog, it shows you understand the message.

  4. Nice poem you wrote. It's good to be thankful.

    And congratulations on your second post!

  5. I know this feelking too well... u plan to write on a particular subject matter only to change ur mind several times and end up not posting at all.

    Dont worry, as time goes on u'll master the art of blogging, understand hw to deal with writer's block and soon enough u'll be a pro!

  6. Why did i think you were male???? Na wa for me oo.
    I feel you jare reading can take up all your blog hours. Just try and put a schedule to it. Happy blogging!!

  7. I think it's nice you read all the blogs, thats how I started too. I've gone through phases I guess, phases where I just want to read, and other phases where I just want to vent (like now lol) I also don't have the slightest idea what my blog is about. I guess it's bad for my blog mojo according to the 'expert' to not have a clearly defined concept. I always come up with one but I never stick to it. All we can do is try!