Friday, March 2, 2012


Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I really appreciate it. Living healthy lives cannot be over emphasized. Thanks for all the condolence messages too though my dad passed on some 20 years ago. I am sure it feels like last year to my mom.

I was a bit under the weather a while back. Battled a cold that refused to go. I was doing strong girl  thinking Naija no dey catch flu when I could have saved myself all that wahala by taking the shot. Flu showed me that it is no respecter of Naija or American. Maybe I would have gotten better faster if I had rest but how much rest can you have with kids around needing attention and care? I am better and now and very appreciative of good health.

I just wanted to put up something today being the 1st of the month. March  has marched in, we are almost hitting the first quarter of the year. Time to check on goals and probably refocus. Spring is supposed to be around the corner but what's up with the 6inch of snow today?


How are you guys doing?


  1. Blessings.....
    Glad you are feeling better.
    Have a blessed weekend, take care of you

  2. There's nothing like feeling well, happy to know you are feeling much better. Why is it snowing where you are?lol I hate snow so bad, March is almost here and daylight savings is March 11th. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hugs!

  3. The freaky weather's just all over the place. I guess global warming is here, though we pray not.

  4. Have a great month and take care yourself :)

  5. first time here. Happy New Month too

  6. 6 inches of snow fell where? Hope you are all keeping warm.
    Pls don't remind me about the 'quarter year'. I am sober enough. God dey.
    Happy new month to you and yours!!

  7. Thank God you feel better. 6 inches of snow ke. Are you in alaska? lol. Spring will come soon not to worry.

  8. I'm sure you're more than fit now! Abeg no form Naija babe for flu again o!