Friday, March 8, 2013

Teenage Pregnancy

 Hi people, 

Yesterday I was watching a program on T.V,they were talking about the new ads released by New York City on teen pregnancy prevention. Everyone was just going on and on about how harsh and inappropriate the adverts were and and how it wasn't going to solve the teen pregnancy issue rather it will just stigmatize teens, how everyone knew someone who had experience with teen pregnancy and all the kids don't turn out bad. It was quite a long rant and all through I was just shaking my head and thinking of the "sex talk" when I was a teenager and how our cultures are so different. My mom left me in fear and trembling that I was sure she had her ways of knowing when those random boys blocking me at the junction will not let me go on my errands in peace. The fear of stigmatization, kept me in the straight and narrow at the beginning.


Over here we are quick to talk about the rights of a child, how everyone has a right to live how they want, but is it really the right of a child to have a child?  Shouldn't a child be able to live their young lives free of adult responsibilities? We live in a world of reality T.V and I bet most people have seen the  MTV series "16 and Pregnant" *and maybe they think that life is real or that they will also make it to the show*, so seeing the young pregnant girl is fast becoming a fixture. Sometimes when I even see these kids with their kids, they seem prideful, like they have achieved something. Of course they have achieved something; maybe   my contact lens are deceiving me, but I don't wear contacts.

I know it is my mother's voice, which by the way is sometimes the voice of my conscience, that  is saying teenagers don't have any business having sex. Most of them don't even know themselves yet,  they are still having ping pongs of emotions and truckloads of hormones that they know nothing about. They shouldn't have to think of what baby will eat or how to get a second job to meet up with child support.  I remember  one time after my second baby, I just resumed back at work. I got back from work so tired and I just wanted to crash and forget my responsibilities for a few hours. My mom gave me 30 minutes then woke me up saying " You are a mom now, you have babies who are looking up to you for care, you need to get up and do right by them". At that point I felt she was harsh and she could have just helped me care for my children one more day, but that was the push I needed.  Motherhood dawned on me. Even now at my age it overwhelms me sometimes, I wonder how a teenager is coping.

Yes, these adverts might be offensive or harsh and not really tackling the problems of teenage pregnancy at its roots but  maybe it will get us talking about it and educate young girls that it is a wrong move.* Imagine your children thinking these thoughts and desist* Teenagers should be given reproductive and sexual education and the earlier we start talking to our children even before they become teenagers, the better for us.


 What do you guys think? Are the adverts for this campaign too harsh?


  1. They are not too harsh at all, but it seems strange to have babies on the posters. They can't talk obviously, and don't know those stats. I see children as blessings and though they come with responsibilities, it is what it is :)

    Also, will teenagers who have not had any children yet really get these messages?

  2. I don't know if they are too harsh per se, but i doubt that the message will be received. Fear campaigns don't usually work. While i'm not a parent myself, i do know that i don't want my children doing or not doing something out of fear. I would want my children to know right from wrong and use that as the basis for their actions. Not fear of getting punished.

    And sidenote/conspiracy theory lol: teen pregnancy rates have been on a steady decline in the US over the past 20-something years, so why people here and abroad try to act like teen pregnancy is this mega crisis that only exists in the states is beyond me. Teen pregnancy has been happening, still happens, and will likely continue to happen the world over.

  3. Show like "16 and pregnant" just makes me shake my head...i hope the posters can help.

  4. I dont think the posters are harsh at all. They convey the truth, period. However, the only way a lot of teenagers would buy what they're selling is, if parents, who have a pre-existing closeness with their children, also repeat these messages as often as they could. Like you said, Okeoghene, it's never too early to start sex-education in the home envirnoment. That would help a great deal.

    Sometimes, fear isn't a bad thing. We all had something we feared growing up, at least I know I did, and it kept most of us on the straight and narrow. If that is what it takes to prevent babies from having babies, so be it.
    Anyone thinking through raging hormones, no matter their age, isn't thinking at all. When all that's cleared up and they can really think, they will thank their parents for instilling that fear.

    Quoting 'human rights' and sitting back to watch the people we love make a mess of their lives, when a proper guidance would have prevented all of that, is just appalling.

  5. Professionally-speaking,the communication pattern must be more direct to the target audience. Chances are that most teens may not get to see this message or when they do, it will just be like something on the passing. The messages need to pass through channels that would catch their attention and understanding as natural as the air they breathe.

  6. I don't think they are harsh at all.. I only hope the message gets passed!

    PS I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog, please respond as kindly requested :-) xxx

  7. The Ads are stating facts and reality. Nothing harsh about the truth.

  8. The rate of teenage pregnancy is alarming. The advert to me is not harsh. Here, they have govt support and a conducive environment when compared with 9ja.

  9. Those messages are surely evidence its not a case of harshness...its truth.

    Govt is only making noise now because they re realising that it really costs them to support these kids...and is detrimental to society in general. It was the willingness to support young mothers that helped fuel the pregnancy habit innit?

    About the posters, a Justin Bieber/Lady Gaga/Beyonce face would make more impact :)

  10. Those ads are the truth. Teenagers have to be given the right info to protect themselves and more importantly respect their bodies. I think that education should start with self respect and responsibility for choices made.

  11. I think the ads serve as a reality check, but unfortunately, I think it's the teens that are likely to abstain anyway that are likely to take note of them. I don't think they're harsh at all.

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