Tuesday, May 28, 2013

All the good Nigerians stand up.

I was at the library sometime last week and an elderly Caucasian man was asking an elderly Asian woman if she was Korean,the woman went into a fit saying she is American and she has always been American. She also said some things in another language that wasn't English. The man quickly said he was asking because he heard that students in North Korea were behaving like students in the US * or something sounding like that*. The woman didn't want to hear any of it. She just insisted in her broken English that she is American before shuffling away. She didn't want whatever was happening in North Korea to be rubbed on her. I bet she was thinking " what is this man's own sef, trying to rain on my parade". I tried to stifle the laughter that was bubbling inside of me. It was really funny. I didn't laugh for long though because it got me thinking and I remembered times when I had kept quiet or left gatherings when some issues were discussed. Of course I feel ashamed  but I just didn't want to be a part of all that drama at that time.

I remember watching the news once at a Kenyan friend's house and they had a special report on people who scam and cat-fishing and the main guy that was interviewed was talking about his girlfriend in Nigeria and how he sends her money; even though he knows that the probability he is being scammed is high, he can't help it. This led to discussions on how bad Nigerians were and how they cant be trusted bla bla bla. Sitting down there, hearing the back and forth, it didn't feel good to be identified as a Nigerian. Then when the Woolwich attack happened last week, it was my Ghanian neighbor who told me that 2 Nigerian boys butchered someone in broad daylight. My heart sank, not again. There are so many good people and things about Nigeria, why is it that it is only the bad things that makes headlines? There are many Nigerians home and overseas making a difference, adding value to their communities, why don't we hear about them? Those are not news worthy items?

There are only two types of people in this world irrespective of where you come from, people who make good choices and those who make bad choices.


  1. The last paragraph is the message from the movie "My name is Khan"...it is sad when some people are hell bent on giving our nation or in some cases religion a bad name for their own selfish reasons. May God help us sha.

    1. I love that movie "My name is Khan" and truly that is the underlying message * SRK did a very good job too*

  2. Now, they know they are Nigerian abi? Even though they've never been to Nigeria before. Why is it so hard for them to accept that people are being radicalised in Britain.

    If its the Nigerian olympians, they would say they are british, but if its murderers, they would say they are Nigerians.

  3. *stands up* I'm a good Nigerian jor. I get how you feel though. I can imagine how people generalise based on a few bad eggs

  4. Your last paragraph just said it all. There are only two categories of people shikena!

  5. "
    There are only two types of people in this world irrespective of where you come from, people who make good choices and those who make bad choices" that is all!!! Very nice post Okeoghene!

  6. My fiancé is from Nigeria - a good, kind man. I thank God He has brought Efe into my life. It saddens me when people paint everyone with the same brush just because they happen to be the same nationality...it's not right.

  7. The generalisation is very annoying and I loved the last line /quite...only 2 kinds of people.

  8. The last lines sum it up nicely :)

  9. Last two lines......just so true. Disheartening how we are being painted outside

  10. Blessings.....
    Its about character not ethnicity, color or nationality, a person is a criminal because they choose to be not because of their heritage. Unfortunately some of us carry the burden of others bad choices.

    Self-negation is a natural reaction to negative connotations no own wants to be labelled negatively.

    The danger that lies between the dilemma though is self-alienation.

    "You have to stand for something or you stand for nothing."


  11. I can relate with you, initially I was as proud as a peacock brandishing my Nigerianess everywhere I go, by the way I dress and talk! Lo and behold, I have learned to hide my identity in some places. Where I worked,there is a Kenyan, Haitian and American. The kenyan guy did not hide his dislike towards me, but the Haitian and American women were just cordial to me. I also attended a black American church and I sensed some members 'coldness'. I have left the church and place of work.

    Now, you only know, if I want you to know I am a Nigerian! My accent only tells them am from Africa period! This is the reality on ground, and your last paragraph summarizes it all. But as they say, when oil stains a finger, it would rub off on the others and a rotten apple spoils a whole barrel!

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  14. Very well written. Sad how they tend to generalize and focus on the bad.

  15. Blessings....
    Came by to wish you a splendid week/


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