Friday, March 7, 2014

Lupita Nyong'o and the Oscars

I know I am  late to the Lupita Nyong'o's  party and all the love she is receiving  which is somewhat extending to black people. Everyone is talking about her beauty, her fashion style, her hair, her Oscar win, her Oscar speech, how inspirational she is to  young girls everywhere, how her story is even making grown people dust the cobwebs from their dreams, and dream again. It is a good story. The kind of story we like to hear or read about. It feels like finally justice is being served. People are seeing that even if you hide light, it must still shine. It is all good.

I think I should just add this disclaimer right here that I haven't seen the movie 12 years a slave, so I can't attest to the wonderful job the cast did to tell that story. What struck me as odd was that considering the good job Lupita did in that movie * she had many nominations and wins for the movie, right?* there was more talk about her skin color and representing her race than her actual talent. Yes, I know this is her first big performance and maybe they don't really have a list of works to look at to affirm her talent, so to keep the conversation going in the media, why not talk about her black beauty? We all lap it up. We are just so happy that one of us is recognized.It is all good though.

Who even decides who wins what in these Awards shows? Sometimes I think it is a conspiracy and maybe to be politically correct. Maybe they have a theme, or they have the years allotted, or it is just a case of the hype. Whatever it is, it just left the same taste in my mouth as when Agbani Darego won Miss World in 2001.It reeked of tokenism. Ms Ellen's monologue at the beginning of the Oscars about the possibilities of the winners for the night, if 12 years didn't win best picture then they were  all racists kinda gave a vibe. It is great to get out of being a wallflower and be recognized especially when you have put in the work. Media will pick who they want to be popular, hype the person and when they are done, they drop the person.

All that said, whatever their scheme is, it is good to see an intelligent and beautiful black woman receiving recognition and even wining .

You go girl!


  1. I have not watched it too, but I heard she did a fantastic job there. I doubt it is the colour of her skin. She has been acting before this movie, in Shuga, etc.

  2. This post speaks my mind...I guess like everyone says she is intelligent and did a great job in the movie.