Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello August


Happy August folks.

I love beginnings. 
Another opportunity to start over, work on old goals, make new ones; another opportunity to hope, hope for the best and work towards the best. Another opportunity to get it right.

Lately I have watched some periscope broadcasts that have been nudging my conscience and practically telling me to just go for my dreams and stop overthinking it. GoodNaijaGirl had one of such broadcasts and because she left her comfort zone by doing a scope, I was encouraged that I can also work on myself. Instead of procrastinating, I can totally do this. Unoma Nwakwor, an author who writes faith based movies and books shared a beautiful message yesterday. She talked about knowing your purpose and working towards achieving it. Her message was so uplifting I wish there was a way I could save it, but periscope vanishes after 24 hours. Today I watched an inspiring YouTube video on Sisi Yemi TV where she shared tips on how to get what you want. 

For today, I am motivated to work on those things I have always dreamed about. Cheers to an awesome new month.