Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let's play tag.....You are IT

Hi all,

Thanks DHK for tagging me in the TAG 11. * I am almost collapsing. You see, Gmama procastinator is on vacation and I don't intend for her to come back, I am taking my life back and staying on top* Now to the rules of this game:

** Post rules
** Post 11 random things about yourself
** Answer questions posted by the person who tagged you
**Create 11 questions and tag 11 people to answer your questions
**Notify those tagged of the game
** Notify the person who tagged you after you have answered the questions
** No tag backs

Now to the game

11 random things about myself

1. I am Urhobo by birth (from the south)

2. I schooled in the North( Secondary sch), West (University) and served in the East (NYSC). That makes me a well rounded Nigerian

3. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a large family of at least 10 children.... but I grew up

4. I love moi-moi

5. I rarely write in shorthand that is why I rarely tweet * that is the story I am standing by*

6. I love dancing silly

7. I prefer snakes and ladder to ludo

8. I never get tired of speaking about child abuse.

9. I love Indian movies

10. I love music

11. Homeschooling on my mind but I don't think I am disciplined enough.

Now to DHK's questions:

1. What hairstyle are you currently rocking?- Box braids

2. How long did you spend in Primary school? 6 years

3. What is your naughtiest moment? Kissing my husband in public

4.How do you express anger? I handle anger depending on how vexed I am. I could write, go for a walk or a run, scream. But once I am calm, I like to talk about it.

5. What would you spend your last penny on? I dont know, maybe food

6. When was the last time you treated yourself to a niceeeeeeeee warm fod? This morning

7. Who was the last person you said " I love you " to? My son

8. What is your favorite take away dish? Hmmmm, no favorites.

9. How do you eat in public, spoon, knife, fork or hands, quiet, slow, fast etc? Depends on what I am eating. Rice, moi-moi- spoon; pasta- fork; swallow- fingers. I eat quietly

10. Do you polish your shoes? No, not in a lonnnnnnng while

11. What are your thoughts on after life? There is life after this one.

Now to my own questions
1. What is your middle name?
2. Favorite food?
3. Favorite board game?
4. Favorite Nigerian musician?
5. Education or fame?
6. What grinds your gears?
7. Books or movies?
8. Favorite movie
9. Earth, Wind, Water or Fire? Which describes you?
10. Legacy? What would you like to be remembered for?
11. If you are not you, who would you like to be?

You are it. I  tag:

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5. Atary
6. Blessing's outlet
7. Relentless Builder
8. P.E.T projects
9. Ginger's blog
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11.Lady Ngo

Thank you


  1. Well done for doing this... oo very straight and simple... awww...

    nice reading.

  2. Interesting... I studied (most of my primary schools) in the North too but never went to the east for once. lol

    Kissing your hubby in the public isn't naughty jor. find another one. haha

    - LDP

    1. So you havent seen the whole of NIgeria then.

      Lol@ kissing my husband aint naughty. Maybe I should have said making out.winks

  3. This you naughty answer is not naughty rara oh, find another answer. Like the answers, straight to the point, no long story.

  4. Interesting read. Simple straightforward answers.

  5. Which secondary school in the north did you go to? I was in Federal Bauchi. I see I am not the only well rounded Nigerian around. Nice post.

    1. Hi5 to rounded Nigerians. I went to Federal Zaria.

    2. i went to Federal Bida.

      i am almost all rounder.. never been to the east of Nigeria.

  6. Interesting read. The way you write, i figured you for the calm, non-dancing-silly type. I probably would need help picking my jaw from the floor if i saw you dancing lol. Nice reading about you :)

    Your #3 random stuff had me lmao. So you wanted 10? Oh dear

    1. I wanted at least 10 o but managing just 2 has given me grey hairs and they are still preschoolers. Sometimes i wonder how my mom coped.I love the joy of large families.

      I actually love to dance, *don't try my azonto o*. Dancing silly is what i do to keep my kids entertained.

  7. Thanks for the tag!!

    Nice post!!!

    I've answered your questions on my blog o...

    1. Going over there to see. I hope it was fun for you.

  8. Snakes and ladder and ludo! haven't thought of those in ages!

    Mine coming up soon, thanks for the tag

    1. I took you down memory lane with the ludo thing abi?

  9. Thanks for the tag, Urhobo wado!!!!
    You're indeed a true Nigerian. I should get to this soon. Snake and ladder? lol, I used to be a pro at those things...#Memories

    1. Yes o Urhobo wado. The days of snakes and ladder # Memories

  10. Aha! There you are. LoL! I had fun laughing all through this. I agree with LDP on kissing oga in public. Well sha, in this part of our country I might agree a little.

    I'm tagged. Wow. I'll respond soon. Thanks!

    1. Glad to hear it made you kaugh, I had fun doing it. Abeg leave "kissing in public" alone o. In our part of the world, it is naughty.

  11. oooh i tagged you too lol. you will answer my questions too. i am waiting oh lol. i love moi moi too. awwwww you said i love you to your son last. how precious :)

  12. Okeoghene: Thanks for tagging me. I have answered your questions, so please check them out on my blog. Thanks :)

  13. Okeoghene: # 2: You ARE well-rounded. I have not visited those places talk less of going to school there.

    # 3: Oh, how dreams change!

    # 4: I love moi-moi too. I prefer it to akara by far.

    LOL at kissing your husband in public. It is allowed now!

    Thanks again for tagging me:-)