Monday, May 7, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Hi all,

Happy new month*this is just the 7th day so I guess the month is still new*. I hope you all are doing good and making the best of what life is throwing your way. I am trying to do the same and my prayer everyday is not to miss the reason for this time. I dont want to enjoy it so much and forget the lessons or to lament and complain so much and forget that it is supposed to be a learning point. 

Anyway, this is the award season and I got a couple. Thank you to all the beautiful people who think I am deserving. First off, I will be accepting the Versatile blogger award that was given to me a long time ago by Rhapsody. I got the notice for this award and entered a funk. *covering face in shame*

Thank you very much Rhapsody for this award. Though it is coming very late, better late than never. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

The condition for this award is:

  **Link back to the person who gave the award RHAPSODY PHOENIX
  **Share 7 things about yourself

  1.  I read at least 2 books at a time not because I am a fast reader but cos I always  love to read a bit of romance while I read something else.

2. I  am currently reading the Secret Life of Baba Segi's wives and The naked truth

3. I cannot form a bedtime story that will make any sense, I prefer to read from a book most times

4. I just love to photograph my kids

5. I just might have a flower garden sometime in the future

6. I am learning how to sew

7. I love music.

Pass on the award to other bloggers you find interesting and inform them about the award: Since I have already 'carried last' in this regard and I think most people have already accepted and done this award, I pass on this award to anyone who hasnt already done it.

Thank you.


  1. The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's wives is pretty gooD

  2. Congratulations on receiving this award. I found # 1 particularly interesting because I do the same thing sometimes, but for a completely different reason :D

    1. Thanks.Wonder what your own reason is. Do share.