Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

A big thank you to all those who left comments on my last post.  Thanks for the warm reception back. I appreciate it. It sure feels good to be back.

Over the weekend, hurricane sandy was all over the news. What to expect before, during and after it makes landfall, what to do, how to prepare, measures that are being taken to reduce the impact etc. Everything was so frightening; More frightening was the fact that it was going to hit the most populated part of the US. It was comforting to know that states on the path of this superstorm were actually preparing/prepared for the storm. This got me thinking about my country Nigeria and the way we handle disasters. We are rarely prepared for anything. I bet those places hit by the recent floods didnt even know they were going to have rains of that magnitude. Yet, all we know how to do is to form committees and create avenues for people to "chop" money to the detriment of the citizens.

Hurricane Sandy has made landfall and left a lot destruction in its wake. A lot of money will be lost. Many people will have to start over. My heart just goes out to them and I can just imagine what they are going through.  Apart from the strong winds and light rain, things were quite sane here, so the little ones found it difficult to understand why they couldn't go to school, even though it was a school day.

I read an article on Punch news online about Lagos state raising alarm over the ripple effect of the hurricane on the coastal areas of the state. The commissioner for waterfront development and infrastructure, Mr. Oniru, made his statements based on past experience, records and study of past happenings. Everything he said was based on assumption as he wasn't even sure and the only advise he had for people was that they should be vigilant.Is it that we don't have meteorologist who can give something more concrete? This is Nigeria I am talking about.



  1. This is a very saD one, my heart goes out to those lost people/ properties.

    I remember seeing the article in punch and saying "Can Nigeria Ever learn?" Must stuffs as magnitude as this be based on assumptions? I'm tired of saying "it is well", Anytime I think about this nation my heart just breaks. Let me just take myself away jejely before I start another post on Nigeria.

  2. I had the same thoughts as I listened to the news about Hurricane Sandy. If Nigeria could have natural disaster preparedness and response teams it would go a long way in saving peoples lives, homes and livelihoods. We do indeed have a long way to go.

  3. Nigeria has a very long way to go, for now we just thank God we are not in the line of such natural disasters. But with this climate change, officials need to buckle up.

  4. When it comes to Nigeria, our lives are in God's hands o.

  5. I agree with you re Mr Oniru's comments.
    Sad thing is that this is the case with everything in Nigeria. Even when one tries to draw people's attention to the way things should be done, one is shouted down and told 'You worry to much, that is London style. We do things differently here'

  6. God won't let it come to Nigeria o,else over half of us would be wiped out.The recent flooding as a result of release of water from Cameroun dam caused us alot,including lives.Yet the Nigerian authorities were given prior notification.We are definitely not ready for disasters,we can't manage them.

  7. Got this from somewhere....

    If we hear that hurricane akpos is coming to Nigeria:

    1. Prophet T.B Joshua will prophesy the hurricane.

    2. The State Governors will hold a press conference advicing the people of the states to remain calm as government is working hard to see how they can tackle the situation.

    3. National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) will grant an interview on Channels TV and AIT saying that they are well trained and prepared to handle the crisis. That they are untop of the Situation.

    4. The Federal Government will wait for the Hurricane to first land and wipe out States then;

    - Hold a day of National Mourning and Prayers and order the flag be flown at half mast.

    - Visit the disaster location for a first hand assessment of the damage.

    - Visit the survivors camp and share relief material (Mosquito nets, rice and Indomie)

    - Set up a committee to investigate the Hurricane and see how we can prevent future hurricanes from visiting Nigeria.

    - Release billions of Naira (on Paper) for disaster management.

    - Sack the Minister of Water Resources for failing to contain the water.

    - Commend the State Governors, NEMA, Red Cross and other emergency services unit for their quick response.

    5. The Senate will hold an emergency session and condemn the 'Hurricane'.

    6. Churches around Nigeria will hold crusades and Programmes with Titles like 'May Hurricane wipe out your enemies'.. 'Calming the Hurricanes in your life'.. 'Finding the Rainbow in your Hurricane'.. e.t.c..

    7. M.I Abaga will release a single about hurricanes.

    8. Femi Falana (SAN) will sue the Hurricane, F.G and State government for their poor handling of the Hurricane.

    9. CPC, ACN, APGA and others will blame the PDP and Jonathan for the Hurricane.

    10. Jokes about BOKO HARAM claims responsibility for the Hurricane will go viral on Facebook, Blackberry Messenger and Twitter..

    11. Many People will change their Blackberry Display Pictures to 'Hurricane Pictures' and Facebook status will read..Hurricane Things..

  8. I want to laugh at Nutty J.'S comment but sadly that is the reality of Nigeria. We just are not prepared for anything.

  9. Nutty J's comment is quite sadly true of what has become of my beloved country. May God help us through this mess...

  10. Lol @ Nutty J's comment but sadly, it's true. May we never experience such here. It would just be too much to handle. My condolences to America and Americans.

  11. I really pray this never happens in Nigeria.

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