Sunday, September 1, 2013

September is here!!!

Happy new month!!!

I don't know why I am so happy when a new month starts on a Sunday, but I really am. I woke up this morning like I was going to change the world * or at least change my own world*.  I felt like there is still hope, another chance to do whatever it is I want to do and that is a  so comforting.

I just love new beginnings.

We had a very busy summer and I am a bit happy that it is coming to an end. It already feels like fall over here, all the beautiful sun we enjoyed is now resting behind clouds. Just a week before the kids go back to school. They can't wait. My son who has never gone to school is super excited too. I pray they continue to enjoy school.



  1. Happy new month dear and a big and resounding AMEN to all your prayers.

  2. Happy new month to you and yours too Okeoghene.
    Rejoicing with parents about school resumption; i guess its some relief to end the 24hr/7day cycle of entertainment. A friend said the kids were eating their way thru her account lol.
    Its been a wonderful summer. Not looking forward to the cold especially. Can only pray its bearable :)

  3. Welcome to September, it's fall here and I miss Summer already :)

  4. Blessing ......
    everyday is a new beginning, an opportunity to choose again, do over, redo, begin again, a blessing for the breath of life, mobility, vision, reasoning.

  5. I pray your sweet boy will always enjoy going to school and excel at everything he does academically!