Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Long time no post


 Happy November!!!

I really need to do better.

 Disclaimer here, not belittling the lesson behind the prodigal son, but sometimes these past few weeks, I could totally relate with the dude on going back to his father after his adventures. I had a hard time putting up a post because I didn't know  how to write my comeback post. What would I say? Should I do a post - post or I should I just say hi and come back with a post? Would anybody still be here to  read the post if I do? Am I  disciplined enough to blog consistently? I had so many questions and doubts dancing in my head.  I love to blog and I actually miss it when I don't. I miss the family here and all the beautiful connections that were budding before my inconsistency killed them.

Anyways I am back and I am going to make out time to blog this time. It won't just go into my "when I am free"folder, but will be in my "just do it " folder.

Hope everyone is doing ok?

PS: Can you believe it is 50 days to 2015?


  1. welcome back...funny I just checked ur blog today after a long time. so this is a good sign... just pick up from where u left off :)

    How are you m'am?

  2. So, is this going to be 'back to stay'?

  3. Blessings....
    May this month bring forth for you all you expect.


  4. Yes, we'll be here to read the posts :). Trust you are doing well. By the way, the picture made me laugh. Welcome back

  5. We'll be here whenever you get back...i mean back to stay though *side eyes*

    Welcome back *warm hugs*