Thursday, April 30, 2015

Appreciating Now


I was walking back from the bus stop with one of my neighbors whose youngest child is 13 years old, and she was telling how she couldn't believe that her baby boy is now a teenager. After swapping where-did-time-go stories, she said one of her regrets was, not living in the moment. She was always thinking of the next thing to do while not enjoying the one she was doing. She was thinking of all the activities and sports he will do when he grows up and right before her eyes he is knocking on 9th grade. I guess in a way she was reminding me not to take this time for granted too, because they grow up fast.

Most of us are guilty of this attitude. Not being in the present. Not absorbing and enjoying NOW. Society wants to know what we will be up to  in 5 years time. We spend so much time dreaming about what our dream life would be and when we get even a little bit close to that dream, we are already tweaking it and moving on to the next one. We are always on the move. Living for the big and exciting things, forgetting the little things

Today , I am going to be more conscious of my moments; And really enjoy them; And yes, even when bad things happen, accept that they were just bad moments and there are still many moments in the future to enjoy.

April is the month of poetry
We've enjoyed reading and writing
Today is  a poem in your pocket day
Enjoy this piece of Shel Silverstein
Used to love his poetry...Shel Silverstein...1


  1. I am so guilty of this too. Thanks for the reminder. Happy new month. The poem serves for a good reflection.

    Atilola's World

  2. Thanks for shearing.

  3. Lovely reminder. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  5. Blessings.......
    Living in the now is the ideal yet so hard to accomplished as we a force to have some sort of preparation for tomorrow and thus our gazes tend to stay in the tomorrow while the today slips by.

    I am working on living in the now.
    thanks for the reminder.

    stay blessed.