Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sneaking in

Sneaking in here like I was never gone.....


Really I was never gone though. Just that the way my days are set up, I only get see what is going on here at the end of the day from the tiny screen of my phone.

I know Nitty never gets tired of talking about Nigerian cultures, the ones that should be discouraged and encouraged;
I know  @ilola has the devils agenda in a spoken word piece, which even though she can't perform now, she is still letting us in on the secret * or not so secret*
I know that thisfavoredwoman whose only goal is to seek God in everything shared a beautiful message from Genesis.
I know fluffycutething has a birthday coming in a few weeks and is feeling all kinds of ways.
I know Sisi and Bobo took Chief to church on Sunday and they all looked gorgeous in the pictures.
I know NaijaScorpion
graduated and she really loves her new apartment.
I know T.Notes was almost late for work one day while trying to dish on office politics.
I know Blogoratti transcends sometimes during meditation.
I know Berry had a beautiful date night at Rhapsody's.

So, I was never really gone.

Hope everyone is doing okay? Making the best of situations, learning something new everyday, reading or at least trying to read.... We are doing good over here and so glad that the weather has changed and summer is almost here, finally! Sometimes I miss just having dry season and rainy season.

It is good to back here. * I will leave it like that so I don't jinx it*

PS: I hope GoodNaijaGirl is doing okay. So unlike her not to post every 6th day.
PPS: Happy new month. I made it before the double digits.


  1. Lol. You are right. You were never really gone.
    Welcome....*lets not jinx it ** :)

  2. AHAHAHAA, see as this woman use waffi sense, dodge the query I don dey prepare for her for MIA! Okayy, I accept your style style apology :D I am doing well oo, How are you generally? Well, good to hear from you .. though once in a while. Take care.

  3. Lol. You really know what is happening in Blogsville o. You are really a silent observer. Be commenting on my blog posts jo, lol.

    The Devil's Agenda for the Church

    1. I comment on your posts now....okay sometimes

  4. That was ONYOKOMITAIC in nature. Am i the newest here, noYES nah. Anyways i welcome myself.

    Checking around . . .

    1. You are welcome Godfirst. Thanks for stopping by

  5. Haha nice one!!! Now give us a proper blog update!!! Trust you've been good.....:)

    1. Thanks T.Notes. Still waiting for the answer to your riddle.

  6. Blessings.....
    Live happens and you got to slip in when you can and acknowledge.

    continue to do you.
    stay blessed.

  7. I feel the same way about the weather sometimes, where I wish there could be more than the dry or rainy seasons. lol
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog
    Glad to know you are doing great.

  8. Sneaking in is definitely better than not showing up at all. It's great to have you back . . . at least for now hopefully. How have you been, sis?

  9. You're a sweetie; thank you for thinking of me! I'm praying for consistency in my blogging but something tells me action is what is needed! You're right though: you were never really gone—you're quite up to date on things!

    1. I totally agree Action is what is needed. Enough of the sit-don-look. I am working on more action on my blog too.

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